Precinct Chairs

What is a Precinct Chair?

Precinct Chairs play a critical role in growing and maintaining our Party. Maintaining strong local representation in the communities across Texas is critical to our present and future success.

Pct 3
Jonia Olvera
Pct 6
Maritza Pruneda
Pct 7
Fred Farias
Pct 8
Alex Gelman
Pct 13
Zack Cantu
Pct 36
Juan Reyna
Pct 39
Cruz Quintana
Pct 43
Maricela DeLeon
Pct 50
Adrianeli Gomez
Pct 62
Robert Bonds
Pct 66
Kevin Ramsey
Pct 67
Marshall Rankin
Pct 68
William Todd
Pct 83
Joann Bannworth
Pct 94
Jim Barnes
Pct 96
Laura Nunn
Pct 105
Diana Trevino
Pct 106
Soraya Zamora
Pct 114
Lorainne Owens
Pct 124
Gary Sollner
Pct 125
Aron Pena, III
Pct 134
Patrick Moore
Pct 136
Adelaide Martinez
Pct 160
Joseph Fox
Pct 166
Melissa Knerr
Pct 168
Terry Allison
Pct 199
Joacim Hernandez
Pct 200
Monica Castro
Pct 228
Janie Melendez
Pct 236
Diego Alvarez


This page was updated November 22, 2019.

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