Year End Review

GOP Presentation 2022 Year end review-2


The 2022 gubernatorial election was a high speed rollercoaster! The highs and lows really took the wind out of us. We didn’t win as many spots as we would have liked but we did increase our numbers by a whooping 110%.

The turnout overall in most precincts was truly remarkable! This is because of YOU the grassroots! YOU showed up, put in the effort, stayed focused on the goal and actively helped make a difference! YOU spread the word about the importance of this election with your families and circle of friends and let’s not forget our truly amazing candidates and their teams! Their support, authenticity, passion to serve and courage to lead helped us continue to make historic gains in the general-gubernatorial election.

When Election Day came, despite overwhelming odds, we flipped several (D) seats Red! We continue to raise the bar since the 2020 election cycle with smash records and have won elections!

In 2020 we broke numbers with The Honorable Justice Jaime Tijerina’s race for the 13th Court. He was the shining example that the impossible was indeed possible! He ran three times before winning in 2022. He was always the better candidate but never gave up, remained positive, encouraging and continuously led by example. People in South Texas are waking up and carefully voting for our values and for our freedom. When the team is strong and the candidate has what it takes to earn the trust of the people, any obstacle can be overcome.

This election, first and foremost, our CD 15 champion, Monica De La Cruz won with a whopping 8 percentage points! Her passion, strength, persistence and with the support of “we the grassroots” was elected and became the first Republican female to hold the seat ever!! In just a few days De La Cruz will be sworn in, surrounded by family and supporters. There are several of us that will be attending her celebrated inauguration in Washington D.C.

We also were victorious with the 13th Court of Appeals race, place 3 with the Honorable Justice Aaron Peña who won by the largest margin in the history of this Court. He crossed the finish line and was victorious by 23k, despite some mudslinging and unfathomably negative attacks.
Another victory in South Texas that we should all be proud of! Aaron Peña is a walk away trailblazer who loves our community and helped get this movement where we are today. A true testament of what one courageous and selfless person can do and how together, with faith and resilience, we can accomplish anything!

In the State Board of Education race the bold LJ Francis and his  Team took a traditionally blue district and turned it bright Red. If you have a good pulse of politics in Texas you’d know that this race caught the Dems by surprise. LJ, appealed to a large spectrum with his conservative values, his passion for education and his desire for open dialogue but still very new to politics which revealed that voters want every day people to rise up and lead!

One of the election cycles all time favorite outcomes was the fact that Beto Orourk did not take Texas and I know that folks in the Lone Star State are glad that we won’t resemble California anytime soon. Governor Greg Abbott has been to South Texas countless times and has a genuine love and support for our State & region. Voters spoke and Abbott will continue to serve as the 48th Governor of Texas!

2022 comes to a close and many of us still have our minds on the worries of the holidays and the struggles of today. We at the Hidalgo County GOP hope to encourage you to make time for rest and relaxation, rejuvenation, and quality time with loved ones. You have earned it! And remember, that the best is yet to come! We need you ready for the next Primary! Our success is your success and it will only continue if we do. No matter the odds or outcome, never forget your why. Never forget why you decided to join the fold. Never forget what you love and what you fight for and why you won’t give up. It will keep you focused, driven and grounded.

A ginormous tree has lived a long life and has strong roots. Our organization has proven that our roots are so strong that critics, schemers, and naysayers won’t get very far. Let’s continue to pray for not only our Nation and State, but for our people, our community! Let’s pray for healing and restoration of small businesses. Let’s pray for our Law enforcement, front line defenders, Border Patrol, DPS, and all of their families. Let’s pray for healthcare providers, truckers, farmers, teachers and especially our children.

Our goal for 2023 is quite simple, to continue to grow the grassroots movement, empower the next generation of leaders, recruit candidates, expand our leadership team and raise the funds needed to keep the fire and momentum going!

We also would like to take a moment to recognize and thank Congresswoman Mayra Flores and her dynamic team for their enthusiasm, excitement & tireless efforts! Mayra’s special election win and historic gains in the Eastern portion of Hidalgo County are unforgettable and will go down in history as the time that We the People spoke up for something new! Mayra’s fire, grace and bold leadership is just more evidence that there’s hope for the Rio Grande Valley and for the US of A!

Adam Hinojosa, respected Valley Native & family of Law enforcement took a razer thin loss. His vision, and strength was caught notice by the entire State. We are confident that he will continue to influence and advocate for South Texas! We are trending at a rapid pace folks and the results prove this!

We end the year with gratitude and hope for what’s coming! May the New Year bring you and your families good health, new opportunities for growth, new friendships that last! Keep that fire burning Texas!! We may have won but there is still so much work left to do!! Vamos!! Let’s go Hidalgo!! Onward!!

In service,
Chairwoman Adrienne Peña-Garza

“We are oak trees not tumbleweeds.”